Science Capabilities for Citizenship

Science Capabilities for Citizenship

The Ministry of Education have developed a new resource on the TKI web site to help teachers develop citizenship capabilities in their students. Five science capabilities have been identified as important in building knowledge of science content, processes of science and the nature of science. These capabilities have been defined as:

  • gather and interpret data
  • use evidence to support ideas
  • critique evidence
  • make meaningful scientific representations
  • engage with science

The Marine Metre Squared has been identified as an important resource for the critiquing evidence and provides some excellent guidelines for how teachers can use the project for learning in this area.

However the Mm2 project goes much further and it could be used as a valuable context for all of the capabilities. Students are not only following protocols to collect data for science but they are encouraged to analyse their own results over time and compare the data with other regions.

Once they have some data they must think about what it tells them? Does it raise any questions? What additional data is required to answer their questions? How could they collect that data?

Scientists associated with the project will provide assistance for groups to develop their own research question and investigation.